The final match of 2015 TIM CUP – to be played on May 20 at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome between Juventus and Lazio – will be shot this year also in 4K-UltraHD, the new tv format. The production by LEGA SERIE A and INFRONT SPORTS & MEDIA will be realized with the technical staff and technologies of DBW COMMUNICATION.

And the innovations don’t end here. Indeed, the match will be captured not only in 4K-UltraHD, the new technology featuring four times the detail of HD, but also in HFR (High Frame Rate) at 50 fps, twice the frames currently played and recorded by tv programs. Moreover, for the very first time, the HDR (High Dynamic Range) recording system will be adopted for the shooting of a football match. HDR technology is able to guarantee an extraordinary color depth and a never before seen strong contrast between the bright parts and the dark parts of the image.

The final match of TIM CUP will be shot in two 4K-UltraHD versions: the first one in the Standard Dynamic Range (the standard currently supported by 4K TVs); the second one in High Dynamic Range. This last version will be realized in order to be reproduced on the new generation 4K-UltraHD TVs supporting the HDR technology (to be available on the market on the next months).