Amate Sponde

the new film documentary by Egidio Eronico

Amate Sponde, the new film documentary by Egidio Eronico

Amate Sponde, the new film by Egidio Eronico, the visionary and extraordinary story of Italy and its physical and human landscape, was presented in world premiere at the 17th edition of the Rome Film Fest. A spectacular experience of images and music to discover our country from an unusual perspective, and as only cinema can do.

From the Alps to Sicily, Amate Sponde shows an Italy with a unique and often misunderstood landscape, with an eye to the urban and extra-urban environment, the world of work, new meeting places and old and new collective rituals. A country, despite everything, in continuous transformation, divided by the contradictions between ferment and backwardness, between innovative thrusts and ancient conservatism. All through the exclusive use of images and music. No verbal comments, a pure fabric of visions and emotions, with very high-definition images signed by Sara Purgatorio and an enveloping, dreamlike and powerful soundtrack, composed by Vittorio Cosma, in what can be briefly defined as a landscape-suite in 4k.

Focusing on the notions of development and progress, Amate Sponde questions the current state of relations between Italians and their environment. The most updated figures show that, with an average of 19 hectares per day - the highest value in the last ten years and a speed of over 2 square meters per second - soil consumption in Italy in 2021 is close to 70 square km of new roofing, whereby concrete now covers 21,500 square km of national soil. With consequences that the chronicles transmit to us with periodic drama: of a more fragile, dangerous, deserted territory. At risk, therefore, is not only the proverbial beauty of our landscape, but the very identity of us Italians who are historically an expression of this landscape.

For this and for no other reason, the landscape is a fundamental article of our Constitution. Our full right and duty.

This is why a film like Amate Sponde speaks to all of us, spectators, and citizens.

Category: Documentario
Co-Production: Luce Cinecittà
Produzione associata: DBW Communication
Format: 4K-Ultra HD (High Dynamic Range and High Frame Rate)
Technologies and staff: Dbw Communication
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