La Bohème

60a edizione del Festival Puccini

La Bohème by Ettore Scola

This extraordinary edition of La Bohème was directed by one of Italy’s greatest film directors, Ettore Scola during the 60th Puccini Festival in Torre del Lago Puccini, Italy. The sets were designed by his close collaborator Luciano Ricceri. La Bohème boasts an exceptional cast made up of the extraordinary Daniela Dessi in the role of Mimi, Fabio Armiliato as Rodolfo, Alessandro Luongo as Marcello and Alida Berti in the role of Musetta.

DBW Communication, in co-production with Rai Com and with the support of Eutelsat Communications, filmed ‘La Bohème’, the well-known opera by Giacomo Puccini, using the latest 4K technologies.

For such an innovative production, dedicated to the television and cinema distribution, DBW Communication employed six 4K Sony F55 cameras, one 4K OBVan, several certified cinema 4K lenses, and a new Sony server able to film up to four 4K streams at the same time. The unicity of this production was assured by the choice of the HFR format (High Frame Rate), which means 50 frames per second (i.e. double the frames usually captured in television productions) that offers a sharpness and fluidity never seen before in the shooting of an opera.

Category: Cultura - Opera
Production: DBW Communication - Rai Com
Format: 4K / Ultra HD - HFR (50 fps)
Technologies and staff: DBW Communication
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