Piazza Pulita


Piazza Pulita

Piazza Pulita, produced by Banijay Italia for La7, is a weekly current affairs and in-depth television program hosted by Corrado Formigli and broadcast on La7 from 15 September 2011 in prime time.

The programme, written by Corrado Formigli, Mariano Cirino, Alessandra Frigo, Gemma Montinaro, Vissia Reggimenti and Vittorio Zincone, is made up of one-to-one interviews, talks to several guests, reports, and surveys on the main national and international current events.

The twelfth edition (2022-2023) of Piazza Pulita airs from 8 September 2022 on Thursdays in prime time.

Category: Talk Show
Production: Banijay Italia
Format: HD TV, Stereo
Technologies and staff: DBW Communication
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