a documentary film by Leandro Picarella

How many motions of the earth are there? Are we made of stardust?

The new documentary by Leandro Picarella was presented at the Rome Film Festival 2023, in the Freestyle section.In Lignan, a village of few souls in the Saint-Barthelemy Valley in the Aosta Valley, an Astronomical Observatory scans the skies every night. Like a bell tower or a lighthouse, the large telescope marks the time of the small mountain community. In autumn, the astrophysicist Paolo Calcidese moved into the structure as the sole custodian and inhabitant to carry out his scientific research and experiment with new technologies. Due to a technical accident, however, he will be forced to put aside the stars and solitude to dedicate himself to other forms of life not yet considered: human beings.Directing a film that pays homage, with its title, to the song of the same name by Franco Battiato, Leandro Picarella chooses to tell us an intimate and sincere story, as heartfelt as it is distant, which brings a microworld not only into the infinity of the cosmos, but also into theaters of a very different world.

Category: Documentary
Running time: 105'
Directed by: Leandro Picarella
Direction of Photography: Andrea Josè di Pasquale
Production: Qoomoon, Soap Factory, Rai Cinema
Co-Production: Dbw Communication

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